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General Manger’s speech

We aim for the summit and look forward to the future with optimism. We establish the future of our children by arming them with science and knowledge. We believe that science as the only way to raise a nation, rejuvenate it and build a brighter future.

We at Almaharat International Schools instill values and build generations through our qualified, trained and specialized staff, and through our approved programs for this year.

We have launched new programs this year in which we seek to support students academically and strengthen students in basic subjects such as mathematics, English and Arabic. Also, in our various activities, we have relied on developing students’ life skills and building social communication skills, through active learning that sharpens personality and fosters creativity.

Almaharat International Schools consider the teacher as the basis of the educational process in the school. The school provide all its potentials to train teachers and improve their academic and educational level. At the same time, the school strives to provide the best modern and equipped facilities to contribute to the enhancement of the educational environment.

It should also be noted that the national and international programs at Almaharat International Schools are offered to our students according to the latest educational quality standards of daily teaching and follow-up programs, supportive, safe and secure environment educational process.


Our History

Almaharat international school was established in Amman in 2014 and considered as part of KHx for educational services that were established in Kuwait in 2011. Also, Almaharat private school was established in Abudhabi in 2015 to provide a special, positive, and interactive educational environment, through additional supportive curriculums to our students.

Almaharat international school makes sure to  refine and develop student’s characters professionally through its vision and mission which is “change education for life.”

Almaharat international school believes that ‘changing education for life ‘is not a luxurious demand, but a must need to change the concept of the education to join the generations-long life journey throng providing them with helping tools in developing their characters and merging them with the interactive society and to contributing positively in it.

Almaharat international school focuses on all educational operations parts and always seeking to develop it through putting executive plans that achieve the school’s vision and its aims, and to connect the educational operation with the local society, and achieves active connections between our school and the parents.

Almaharat international school adopts a scientific, education scholastic system that enables the teacher to teach skillful, informative curriculums, under the believing that enabling the student from mastering life skills and communications, next to the academic education together, is a necessity nowadays.

Almaharat international school provides special and motivational of creativity education programs, and this is through our accredited IGCSE international program, and MOE’s curriculum for our national program. Also, we provide Quran reciting program, acmas, and science in the English curriculum for the national program. All programs are taught by a professional, creative, hi-tech educational.

Almaharat international school is always working on improving and qualifying education and creating a safe educational environment by providing all education operations needs such as professional management, qualified teachers, modern utilities, and hi-tech devices, to create a motivated educational atmosphere, and spreading active learning culture.

Almaharat international school gives its first priority to supporting the curriculums with all the student’s needs plus adding a special Quran reciting program for both national and international programs.

Our Message

To enable our teachers for teaching 21stcentury society requirements with           knowledge – based, skillful, character building curriculums.

Our Vision

Changing education for a safe, inspiring life that helps the next generation building our country, and raising our nation.

We Are Looking Into

Familiarity and tranquility, transparency and clarity, respect and self esteem, responsibilities and commitment, justice and equality, and helpful team work.

Our Values

1.A teacher with knowledge of modern teaching skills.
2. Following up with the latest educational updates and everything related to students, and what can help them refining and showing their talents, and to discover and support their interests.
3. To keep in holding to our religious instruction and ethics in our both national and international program.
4. Increase the student’s teamwork, cooperation, and leadership spirit, and to know that our religion “Islam” is their reference for that.
5. To urge the students and encourage them for volunteering in social work holding responsibilities, and serving other people.

Our Aims

  1. To prepare and raise a religious, homeland belonging and striving for productive change students.

  2. To have our students achieving high academic results, building their character, and to provide a multi-culture environment for them.
  3. To provide students with cultural, scientific, and vocational experiences which meet, refines, and supports their needs scientifically and academically.

  4. To implant passion for learning and creativity in the students with taking their interests and tendencies in consideration, and helping them realize their basic needs.
  5. To serve the educational operation by running the schools’ utilities in a beneficial way for the students, also to raise their awareness on how to use and keep both public and private proprieties.

  6. To help students finish their higher education and enter any work field after having all the supportive professional basics starting from kindergarten to high school and taking the linguistic skills in consideration.

Almaharat Int Schools

  1. We focus on choosing the best, professional, highly – experienced academic team and to keep improving their efficiency by summer training and workshops, and through professional academic supervision by following up and keeping the academic operation on track through our plans that are always looking forward to improving the schools’ services.

  2. Enrich the academic curriculums with additional activities that are offered for the students, which contributes to developing their character and serves their needs and desires.
  3. Welcome, all parents’ notes and suggestions, which is our main concern.

  4. Change education for life is a basic pillar to build a good Arabic, Muslim citizen that is able to make a good change in the society.
  5. Strengthen the student’s education through their communication between them and their society, and to participate in the surrounding environment.

Almaharat International School Student

  1. Motivates his self-esteem, appreciates others and respect their freedom and dignity.

  2. Adheres to his Islamic, Arabian – Jordanian culture.
  3. His Islamic values and ethics shows in his behavior and his interaction with others.

  4. Is confident and adaptable with society.
  5. Mastering Arabic and English language skills such as reading, writing, and speaking, and deals with modern technology professionally.

  6. Following up with all new updates, and has the ability to discover his skills and refines them.